Scratches and problems after repair made by LR Setagaya Service Center

On March 27 I drop my LR5 to Setagaya Service center for two problems
1. Sunroof wind noise (under warranty)
2. Replacement of LR082452 part (not under warranty)

On April 1st I took back my car from LR Setagaya and found many small problems (discussed already with LR Staff), and I am listing them all here for the record.

1. Grease stains on new part

Note: Some grease smudges can also be found inside the windhisled the bottom right corner.

2. Scratch on central console

3. A pillar Gap and Stains

Yellow stains on top of the A Pillar cover

4. Scratch near dasboard speaker

Note: This one is difficult to see but on the correct lighting you can clearly see some scuff marks on the dashboard.

5. Scratches on the Driver side mirror housing

6. Miscellaneous

  1. On April 2nd, 5Pm, I found my car with windows full of steam while park since April 1st afternoon. Seals on both the front doors were not correctly places around the A pillar frame. They where stuck under the door plastic panel. Placed back seal and as for today (2020/04/04) no steam in car
  2. Passenger footwell was full of gravel. Prior to drop the car, I hoover it well after my family and I went for a week-end. The least LR could have done is to just clearn the carpate
  3. Driver seat was cover in two location with grease smudge.